Traditional Gifts

With the Traditional gifts, each present is a testament to time-honoured skills, with delicate attentions inspired by artisanal techniques and fine, meticulous designs. These gifts embody the heritage of craftsmanship, offering pieces that transcend time. Celebrate the elegance of the traditional and create memories with Alexandre Turpault.

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A love of fine linen

If you're a lover of fine linen, you'll find beauty and excellence in the details of the finish and the quality of the workmanship. Worked with the know-how of historic traditions, many of the brand's models convey our love of this precious craft. This selection will meet the needs of those who appreciate refinement and high-quality linen. Gift ideas that will delight connoisseurs of fine materials and elegant details. 

The excellence of our expertise 

At Alexandre Turpault, the excellence of our craftsmanship is revealed in our fine, meticulous embroidery, a true symbol of timeless elegance. Each duvet cover, pillowcase and tablecloth embodies the result of exceptional craftsmanship, offering a unique charm that transcends fleeting trends. The mastery of embroidery, of days (like the "Jour Venise" or the "jour échelle"), is testimony to our commitment to exceptional finishes.


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