In recent years, the uses of table linens have continued to evolve, making the placemat a new accessory that is as easy to handle as it is to maintain. 

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Apparently invented in the 15th century, this decorative element is now reinventing our table settings. Whether for everyday meals or impromptu dinners, it is a great way to embellish the table while protecting the furniture. 


From paper placemats to fabric placemats, discover our wide range of high quality products, made in France.



Part of the large family of household linen, the placemat is generally rectangular, a format perfectly designed to arrange plates and cutlery. Placed in front of each guest, its main function is to decorate the table. However, it should not be forgotten that the primary objective of the placemat is to protect the furniture, and even the table linen, from possible stains (food, traces of glasses, heat of the dishes...).


So, how to use a placemat? For a sober and relaxed decor, the ideal is to use the set directly on a raw table. It allows you to highlight the furniture without having to hide it under a tablecloth, for example. 


Back in the world of decoration after several years of absence, the placemat brings a touch of originality and modernity. Moreover, because it doesn't take up any space and can be set up very quickly, it is a must-have for last-minute meals. As for maintenance, the set is not without assets. Made of paper, it can be thrown away after use. In fabric, it is easy to remove and clean, a passage in machine is enough!



In their fabric version, our linen placemats embody French luxury. Elegant thanks to their authentic look, our models in pure long fiber linen made in France sublimate all table styles. Illuminated by delicate finishing touches - ladder day, embroidery, etc. - they have that special je ne sais quoi. -They have that refined touch that makes them chic and aesthetic.


Thanks to an anti-stain Teflon treatment, our placemats are protected against dirt and the risk of persistent marks. An easy maintenance, which will allow you to use and reuse your linen without ever getting tired!



Discover also our notebooks of placemats made of recycled paper from sustainably managed forests and printed with vegetable ink. To offer or to use for oneself, these products - here presented in a very delicate notebook -, are dressed in different patterns and atmospheres. Natural landscapes, Parisian facades or geometrical shapes, all you have to do is choose the universe that will magnify your table.

Our disposable paper placemats meet our desire for a more rational consumption. We thus highlight virtuous productions which are part of a revalorization process.

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