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Invite luxury into your bathrooms by integrating our high-end bath towels. Made of 100% long fiber combed cotton, our models ensure your comfort. 

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Also resistant and with a good absorption capacity, these products are very practical for everyday use. Available in several sizes and colors, this range meets all needs and circumstances.For several years now, we have been developing bath linen products from organic agriculture. We are working towards a more virtuous manufacturing process and healthy comfort.


Essential, like our bath towels. Essential is the name we have given to our range of terry towels (650 g/m²). Thanks to their high weight, our models of terry towels (shower towel, bath sheet, guest towel...) offer a perfect combination of excellent softness and absorption. Thick without being too heavy, these products meet your expectations in terms of well-being and practicality.


This range of plains is declined in a delicate palette of colors. Shades that we renew as regularly as possible in order to keep up with market trends. White, blue or maple color: our towels inspire and allow you to create any atmosphere, from the most classic to the most exotic.

Available in several sizes, our bath linens can be adapted to your needs. From small towels (40 x 40 cm) to large wraparound bath sheets (100 x 160 cm), we have developed a collection offering a wide range of possibilities.


Alexandre Turpault's bath sets are exclusively made of 100% organic cotton certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Issued subject to scrupulous compliance with the specifications in place, this label guarantees products containing at least 95% certified organic fibers.Known for its strength and softness, organic cotton also promises soft, supple linens that provide long-lasting absorbency.



The bathroom is the room dedicated to relaxation and release. In this sense, the bathroom is a place where you should feel good. To achieve this, there is nothing like a contemporary decoration where every detail is important. And because these spaces would be nothing without top-of-the-line towels, we have worked to create quality products in a wide range of shades and with meticulous finishes.


Whether used in a total look, in a color gradient or in a mix and match fashion, our bath linens allow for all kinds of folly. Whether you're a fan of warm or cool colors, let your creativity speak for itself and enjoy changing towels and bath mats with the seasons. You'll see how small changes can have a big impact on your decor.


To keep your towels and bath sheets looking like new, a few precautions are in order. Start by cleaning your models before use. A first wash will soften the towels and increase their absorbency. Please note that several washes will be necessary to allow the sponge to reach its maximum level of absorption. 


As time goes by and as you use them, remember to always separate the lighter colors from the darker ones when you wash them. This way you will avoid the degradation of colors between your different models. For the washing machine, use detergents without optical brighteners and resist the urge to add fabric softener, which could cause the sponge to lose its absorbency.


Finally, for drying, if possible, use a tumble dryer. In the case of terry towels, it allows the material to be swollen and supple again.


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