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For your bath mat, too, choose the best. Discover Ess-cadre, our elegant model with a chic and graphic double frame. Available in a wide range of delicate colors, our anti-slip mat adapts to any atmosphere and matches our other bath linen references (towel, shower sheet, bath robe...). 

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Demanding on the quality of our products, we have chosen a cotton from organic farming to dress our model. A composition that makes it a top-of-the-range, soft and absorbent bath mat. 



A bath mat is not only aesthetic, it is a practical accessory in many ways. In this sense, it guarantees daily comfort and safety, hence the need to choose it with care. What qualities should a good bathroom rug possess? Uncompromising comfort, real absorption power, good support. If all the boxes are checked, then you are sure to have made the right choice. 


While it's nice to step onto a soft mat when you get out of the shower, it's especially nice to feel safe with a non-slip bath towel. Designed to limit falls and slips as much as possible, bath mats are often heavier than other terry cloths. Its heavy weight helps to keep the fabric on the floor.


Another function: the absorption of excess water, especially caused by bath or shower projections. For this reason, we can only recommend the use of cotton bath mats, a perfect material for this mission. 



Present at the exit of the shower or the bathtub, the bath mat is a visible part of the decoration, an element with whole share which must be integrated into the remainder of the installation. A bath mat cannot only be practical, it must also meet your aesthetic criteria.


For a chic and trendy result, choose a color that matches your furniture and other decorative elements (soap dispenser, jewelry boxes...). If you wish, you can also match it to the rest of your bathroom linen. 


Although it is a place mainly reserved for relaxation, the bathroom can also be decorated to be dynamic and full of vitality. In this sense, and instead of neutral shades, opt for flamboyant color! On the site, several shades are offered, allowing you to create atmospheres as energetic as they are pure.



For many years, Alexandre Turpault has been developing 100% organic cotton bath linens. Noble fiber resulting from a reasoned agriculture and without pesticides, the cotton that we use is also the guarantee of better products for health, skin and the planet.



Because of its repeated contact with water, the bath mat is more vulnerable than other bath products to mold, dust and bacteria. It is therefore necessary to wash it, at least once a week and preferably at 60°C to clean it thoroughly. Furthermore, when washing, avoid adding fabric softener, which may cause the sponge to lose its absorbency

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