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Known by many names (bedspread, bedspread, quilt...), the bedspread remains one of the most elegant decorative pieces in the bedroom. Both cozy and aesthetic, it has the power to bring warmth and comfort to the favorite space of the house. 

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    Satin de coton biologique

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Our quilted bedspreads complete our line of high-end accessories, exclusively developed for your well-being. Made from quality materials, our products have a unique style, designed in the spirit of the Alexandre Turpault brand.


In order for you to enjoy the best of comfort, we have developed quilted bedspreads, designed with percale or cotton sateen covers that make them extremely soft.

We have chosen to quilt in order to give your bed more relief. But don't be fooled, underneath these cozy looks, our models remain supple thanks to a light weight. A constitution that makes it a comfortable product, comforting without ever being too hot or heavy.

Soft, our accessories are deliberately sober and contemporary, becoming decorative pieces of great delicacy. Adorned with small patterns or soft geometric shapes, our products

Our elegant bedspreads

Unlike the comforter cover or the flat sheet, the bedspread's main purpose is not to keep you warm during the night. Initially an aesthetic piece, it is rather used to perfect the interior decoration of your bedroom.


Elegant, the bedspread meets the expectations of lovers of refinement. It is a welcome touch of sophistication to give relief and character to the room. But how to install it well? True to its name, the bedspread is meant to... cover the bed (as opposed to the end of the bed or the quilt, which is smaller and only warms the feet). It is therefore essential that the linen falls in a harmonious and uniform way on each side of the bed. With a bedspread, it's also a good idea to have a nice, covering fall.


As for colors, it all depends on your preferences. If you are a fan of sober and pure decorations, prefer a neutral shade, in beige or gray. This way, you will preserve the delicacy of the atmosphere. These colors can also be used in interiors with a bold decoration, in order to calm it slightly.

Note that the bedspread also serves to dress the room. If the latter is declined in white notes, opt for a more pigmented cover. Gold, terra cotta or even khaki will have a great effect on the whole design.


Decorative, the bedspread remains a useful accessory to keep warm on chilly nights. It acts as a light blanket that adds an extra layer of comfort. If it is recommended to take advantage of it all year long - just to give more character to the room! -But it is especially essential during the fall and winter months.

Installed on top of the comforter, the bedspread creates an appreciable thickness when the barometer drops.


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