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Offer the best to your skin by choosing an Alexandre Turpault organic cotton washcloth. With a nice thickness (650 g/m²), our models offer a softness and an incomparable comfort. They promise a pleasant experience, even on the most delicate areas of your skin.

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Practical, the washcloth must above all be resistant. For this reason, we use only the best fibers in order to guarantee the suppleness, the absorption and the durability of our bath linen. Our models are thus conceived to never fail you.



If for many the use of a washcloth is limited to that of a sponge in the soft, know that there are actually other ways to use it in everyday life. By its action of friction, the glove allows to obtain a light exfoliating effect, useful to act in a targeted way on certain zones of the body and to offer a better cleaning of the skin. Halfway between washing and scrubbing, this solution is perfect for the most sensitive skins... To be tested on the body but also on the face, for a softer skin!
Another option is to use the washcloth to sponge off after a shower. Ideal when you love to wrap yourself in a bathrobe, without having to put it on while still wet.


Whatever your preferred use, we recommend choosing a different washcloth for different body parts. Available in several colors, our models will perfectly complement our bath sets.



In order to offer satisfaction, a washcloth must remain perfectly hygienic. Thus, some good maintenance reflexes are to be adopted to allow your products to remain healthy and good for your health.


But how exactly to maintain a washcloth? Like your towels and other shower sheets, your washcloth must be properly dried after use. Dried in the sun or on the towel dryer, the main thing is not to leave it waterlogged throughout the day. So remember to rinse it and then wring it out properly before drying it. 


As they need regular care, your washcloths should be put in the washing machine at least once a week. Remember to sort the light colors from the dark ones and start a program at 40°C. 



Our washcloths, like the rest of our range of bath linen, is guaranteed 100% organic cotton certified GOTS. In addition to the recognized quality of the fiber, this choice allows us to commit ourselves for several years in favor of a more virtuous production. We work to offer you products that respect the planet's resources and your health.


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