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Alexandre Turpault specializes in high-end bed linens and also distinguishes itself by the luxurious quality of its GOTS-certified organic cotton bath linens. 

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Terry towels, washcloths, bath mats or bathrobes, we have composed a wide range of products, with different sizes and colors, to meet all needs. All that remains is to compose a set that reflects your image and that of your bathroom.


Made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, our models promise flawless comfort and unfailing resistance. Soft, fluffy and absorbent, our products are not lacking in assets.



Whether at home or on vacation, bath linens must meet your daily needs. To do this, we have developed a wide range of products, available in various sizes to suit all circumstances.


From shower sheets to washcloths to bath mats, compose a custom bath set from the models at your disposal. Available in a wide range of colors, our products can be used as a total look or in a more contrasting way, thanks to an elegant mix of colors.


For cocooning lovers, we have also developed bathrobes with elegant lines. Whether it is a man's bathrobe or a woman's bathrobe, our mixed models adapt to all morphologies and are offered in different sizes.


A more occasional accessory, the beach towel remains nevertheless an essential element to fully enjoy our refreshing swims. Made of the best materials and with a good absorption, our linen is thought to allow you to fully enjoy your moments of relaxation.



For many years now, our bath linens have been made exclusively of GOTS-certified organic cotton. This label, granted on the condition of respecting strict specifications, guarantees a minimum composition of 95% certified organic fibers. Our models are therefore the promise of a quality linen, as good for your skin as for the planet.


What would our top-of-the-line bath linen be without the right weight? At Alexandre Turpault, we want to offer you the best of our towelling. That's why we have determined the ideal weights for each of our products.


While towels and bath sheets have a high grammage (650 g/m²) providing softness and smoothness, our bathrobes are lighter. With a weight of 400 g/m², these models have been designed to be easy to wear without losing their absorption power.


Because it ensures your safety every time you get out of the shower, the bath mat needs to be heavy enough not to slip when you put your foot on it. Moreover, a 1200g g/m² weight is the promise of a softness and an absorption tenfold. A good way to take care of yourself while protecting you from a bad fall.


Designed with you in mind, the Essentiel line is our timeless line perfect for everyday use. These plain bath linens are finished with excellent finishes such as a woven border. Elegant, aesthetic and comfortable, these products have been worked in a beautiful palette of colors, from neutral to flamboyant. It's up to you to choose the colors that will best match your bathroom design.

In addition to our essential bath set, you will find our other models with top-of-the-line workmanship. Delicately decorated, these creations meet our desire for elegance, down to the smallest detail. Made from the finest textile know-how and composed of GOTS certified organic cotton, these products attest to our love of beautiful linen.

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