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Bedsheet, top sheet... call the flat sheet whatever you like. The main thing to remember is this: it's a practical piece that keeps you cool in the summer and adds a few extra layers of warmth in the winter. 

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 Also decorative, the flat sheet brings elegance to the bedroom. Plain or printed flat sheets, cotton sateen or linen: choose from a multitude of options, sizes and colors. Soft and comfortable, our models are that little je-ne-sais-quoi that will reveal the beauty of your bed.



On warm summer nights, the bed sheet takes the place of the bulky comforter. It guarantees a more soothing sleep, under a light and soft sheet. When the cold weather returns, it is that little extra layer that, combined with our comforter, offers real comfort.


Also, the rule is quite simple: during the summer, the flat sheet is used alone while in winter it is slipped under the comforter cover. If you are not fond of thick bedding, the flat sheet can also be accompanied by a small blanket.


The material is an essential criterion to choose efficiently on bed sheet. Our flat sheet models are exclusively made of high quality natural materials and promise a comfortable and pleasant sleep. A different well-being depending on the fibers used, the weaves but also your preferences.


Our linen, grown and woven in France, has many advantages. Thermoregulating, it is as cool in summer as it is warm in winter. A plus for those who dream of perfect sheets in all seasons. Easy to care for and very resistant, linen also has the advantage of becoming softer with each new wash.


You like cotton? Then you will love our organic cotton sateen (120 threads/cm²). Virtuous, this material is like a cozy envelope. Warmer than linen, it is nonetheless soft and durable. On the bed linen, the cotton satin is slightly shiny, what to bring a luxurious note to your decor.


If you find it impossible to choose between these two materials, then why not opt for the metis. This blend of linen and cotton is an ideal combination of their properties.


As specialists in quality bedding, we have also developed flat sheets in cotton jacquard as well as in cotton percale, giving you a variety of choices that we hope will be very satisfying.



The size to choose for your sheet will depend on the size of the bed. Thus, we advise you to take :

- for a single bed : a flat sheet 180x290cm,

- for a double bed of 140x200cm : a flat sheet 240x300cm,

- for a double bed of 160x200cm or 180x200cm: a sheet of bed 270x300cm.


Need non-standard dimensions? We have a custom-made service. Contact us to define your needs, we will give you a precise answer as soon as possible.


In addition to its practicality, the flat sheet is aesthetic. It gives cachet to your bed, but also to the whole room. It is therefore perfectly suited for sophisticated interiors, with a refined look. Folded over the comforter cover, it brings more relief to the bed set, especially if it is chosen in contrasting colors or prints.


Find on Alexandre Turpault's website various ranges of flat sheets. Available in many different materials, they are available in various looks. Plain or printed, our flat sheets are designed to meet everyone's desires. Romantic and floral, classic and sober or modern and daring: there is something for everyone.


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