As a true ambassador of the French art of living, Alexandre Turpault pays tribute to the French textile industry with the creation of refined, high-end table linens.

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The tablecloths and napkins are the centerpiece of an elegant setting and must be a perfect combination of quality, chic aesthetics and practicality. Family lunches, romantic dinners, holiday parties, our linen napkins are suitable for all occasions. All that remains is to choose the colors that will dress up your table and allow you to create a unique atmosphere. 



Since the beginning, Alexandre Turpault has been working to promote French textile know-how and to preserve jobs in the sector. In this sense, we regularly enrich our collections with products made in France. In this way, we intend to offer you table linens of undeniable quality and exceptional finishes (embroidery, Jour échelle...). 

With our timeless Florence, we go even further by offering two sizes of towels. In 45x45 cm or 50x50 cm, our products meet your needs for refinement, down to the smallest detail. 



Mostly developed in linen, our napkins take advantage of the unique properties of this local fiber. With a very soft touch, our products have an authentic and contemporary look. Moreover, they are the promise of a beautiful durability. Indeed, linen is a material that resists everything, from stains to repeated washings. 


To make your life easier, our napkins have a Teflon stain release treatment that facilitates the elimination of stains in the wash, while preserving the feel of the fabric. A considerable asset that will make you no longer fear dirt during your meals with family or friends. Our recommendation? Clean at 40°C, at the same time as the tablecloths and table runners to prevent color shifts. 


Dyed, woven and made in France, our fabrics deliver the best of the blue white and red know-how. A quality to be found every day thanks to our top-of-the-range napkins. In addition, thanks to a weight of 160 g/m², our napkins are as light as you wish and offer a real comfort. 



In order to meet all desires, we have designed a range of plain towels available in a wide range of colors. Fresh shades for summer or sober shades for the end of the year, we offer you the possibility to change your decoration according to the seasons, the trends or your desires. Green, red, blue or yellow napkins: let your creativity express itself through our universe of colors!



When it comes to table settings, there are two schools of thought. First, the one that favors integral looks to combine tablecoths and napkins. 

Tablecloths and napkins are thus declined in the same colors or in a slight gradation. Very refined, this solution often proves itself on neutral sets, with white or beige for example. 


Another technique is the mix and match. Here, the idea is to mix complementary colors to add more relief and contrast to the table decoration. Colored elements will look great on a white tablecloth, for example. Conversely, white napkins will soften the most original tables. 

Want to create a sense of wonder among your guests? Surprise them with a sophisticated decoration made of delicate napkin folds. Whether it's a cutlery tray, a spiral or a bow tie, there are plenty of ideas waiting for you to put them into action. 


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