The plaid is the final touch to any decoration. Because it has the power to combine style and comfort, it is equally at home in the bedroom, the living room or outdoors. In any case, it is the accessory that we all need to give more relief to our interiors. 

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In order for them to bring you comfort, we pay particular attention to the origin of our plaids and to their manufacture. Thus, we are able to guarantee you top-of-the-range models, in cohesion with the values of our brand.



Offering you the best is our priority. Thus, we make sure that our accessories are made only from natural fibers selected for their look, their durability but also their ecological impact. These fibers are then woven and processed as locally as possible. 

Why is the material so important? Because it's what makes our plaids soft and comfortable. Such quality implies a rigorous selection of the fibers we use (linen, cotton, baby alpaca...). Moreover, such a choice is the insurance of a beautiful durability of our products. Thanks to this, you are sure to enjoy your light blankets in all circumstances, summer and winter, year after year.

Alexandre Turpault is a high-end household linen brand that strives to provide the best know-how. Thus, our products are made with precision down to the smallest details. They are thus endowed with exceptional finishing touches that make them high-end products of unparalleled beauty.



Seasons follow each other and are not alike. With each new collection, it is not uncommon to discover new models of plaids, made of different materials or declined in new colors. From short-lived capsules to timeless pieces, these products are the best we can do in terms of accessories. But do you know how to choose your plaid?


If you are the chilly type, then you will need to find a warm plaid, worked in a thick and cozy material. Our recommendation? Mohair or baby alpaca, both made from natural animal fibers and known for their warm touch. 


On the other hand, for summer periods when the days are hot but the evenings are cooler, you should opt for a light and airy plaid. In these circumstances, there is nothing like linen! A breathable and delicate material, it is ideal for this kind of mission. At Alexandre Turpault, we have also developed Loulou, a blend of silk, cashmere and wool, for a unique and comfortable combination.



When it comes to decorating, plaid is one of the most appropriate accessories to meet your needs. Soft and trendy, it is the small touch of warmth always welcome in our interiors. But it is still necessary to integrate it with taste and elegance. 


Sophisticated, the plaid contributes to the chic of a room. If the room is decorated in neutral tones and in a refined atmosphere, the accessory will soon complement the whole for a very elegant result. In an interior with a busy decor, a plain sober plaid also has the advantage of calming the whole and avoiding the overload of patterns. 


But because it remains aesthetic above all, a trendy plaid can also afford some originality. Delicate bangs, faux fur touch or unique patterns, the eccentricities of our models can add a little fantasy to interiors considered too wise.



If the plaid is the perfect companion of our evenings in the sofa, it can also be invited outside. In this case, it is no longer just a light blanket but becomes a shawl that will allow you to enjoy, with elegance, convivial moments on the terrace or by the sea, for example.

To do this, we have worked our plaids from light materials that will gently warm you up when you feel the need.

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