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Aesthetic and decorative, the cushion cover is the charming asset of our interiors. It is delicately placed on a sofa, an armchair or the bed to give relief to the furniture, especially in the wisest rooms.

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In linen, wool or cotton sateen, our 40x60 cm cushion covers meet both our comfort needs and our desire for coquetry. Like our bed linen and other accessories, our models are made with precision. Beautiful products to complete with a cushion of the right size, also available on the site.



Adding cushions to your decor has several advantages. In addition to giving volume to the furniture or the room, cushions dress the most discreet corners of our interiors. But for a more flamboyant result, and especially coordinated with the rest of the decor, choosing beautifully decorated cushion covers ensures a successful layout. Better yet, they allow you to renew the atmosphere in abundance, just follow your desires of the moment. 


After opting for a pure decoration, all in neutral colors and solids, you are entitled to add a touch of boldness! Printed, embroidered or tapestry-like cushion covers bring that missing madness to your interior. Integrated in small touches or consciously accumulated, they give contrast to the whole. 

Conversely, one or more plain cushion covers will soften the more charged atmospheres. Neutral shades (white, beige, linen...) or acidic ones, you just have to choose colors that will match walls, furniture, etc. 



Specialists in linen household linen, we also use our know-how in the making of our accessories. We have developed a range of aesthetic linen products that take advantage of the unique properties of this local material. 


Both resistant and soft, linen also has the advantage of an authentic look, appreciated for its elegance. Its virtuous composition makes it the ideal fiber for our decorative cushion covers. Plain or printed, our models show the quality of our work, even in their finishing. We never leave anything to chance. These few details are essential in our eyes to bring out the beauty and character of our creations. 



Making beautiful linen is a balancing act between quality, comfort and aesthetics. To do this, we only work with noble materials, known for their unique properties. With linen, our favorite fiber, we rely on ecological, low-water and local production. For cotton, we favor high-end weaving, like cotton satin, which gives softness and durability to our models. 

Concerned about the impact we leave on the planet, we are working towards more reasoned production in order to offer healthy textile accessories, which will easily engage you towards better consumption habits.

But we don't want to compromise on the softness, durability or elegance of our products. Whatever material makes your heart beat faster, we promise that our original and ecological cushion covers will make you feel better than ever.

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