Cosy Gifts

Explore our selection of cosy gifts, dedicated to the art of cocooning. Give the gift of well-being with soft, warm and comforting gifts, from textile accessories to bathroom linen. Each choice is designed to create a cosy atmosphere, inviting you to relax and unwind.

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Aesthetics and comfort

As well as being fervent lovers of aesthetic pieces, we are also in search of unique sensory experiences. Choosing materials that are like a caress to the skin, that offer a soft and enveloping seat, that deliver a delicate warmth on contact with the body becomes the absolute quest. Giving an Alexandre Turpault accessory or bath linen means allowing your loved ones to enjoy sweet moments of tranquillity. 

A wide range of comforting products 

Quilted bedspreads, baby alpaca plaids, organic cotton bathrobes: this selection will appeal to lovers of the cooler seasons, to those who know how to take care of themselves. Each of these products is a beautiful story, woven from the finest materials and made with passion in the finest workshops. Each piece demonstrates our desire to create designs that are as decorative as they are pleasant to live with.


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