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Discover our committed gifts category, where each product embodies strong values for the planet and people. With labels such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Origine France Garantie, these gifts embody a commitment to sustainability and quality. Give gifts that go beyond the symbolic, making a positive contribution to our world.

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Reasoned purchases for the festive season

Offering ethical and sustainable household linen goes beyond the simple act of buying. It's a real wake-up call when it comes to our consumer choices, and it's a decision that prioritises quality and durability over quantity. It's a thoughtful gift that gives meaning to what we give each other during the festive season, while preserving the pleasure of giving.

At Alexandre Turpault, we take our responsibility to the world and to nature to heart. From organic cotton to linen, our fibres are carefully selected and processed according to rigorous specifications by trusted workshops. All our products come in plastic-free, recyclable or reusable packaging. 

Household linen with the label 

A brand of excellence and expertise, Alexandre Turpault has always been committed to an ethical approach with no compromise on health or the environment. Many of our products are proud to hold recognised labels, attesting to their quality and positive impact. 

The GOTS label adorns our organic cotton bath and bed linen, guaranteeing high standards of organic farming.

For linen, particularly Nouvelle Vague table linen and bed linen, the OFG label attests to their French origin and their manufacture in compliance with standards. 

Our baby alpaca throw has been awarded the RAS label, which guarantees good land management and animal welfare.


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