Alexandre Turpault advocates the French art of living and cultivates the love of beautiful tables. Convivial, the moments spent around a good meal must be sublimated by elegant dressings. 

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We have thus developed a range of top-of-the-range table linens, as sophisticated as they are trendy. Durable, our tablecloths (round, square or rectangular) come in a wide range of sizes and styles. The ideal way to create an atmosphere in perfect harmony with the special occasion of the day. Models guaranteed to be of flawless quality and chic aesthetics, with delicate patterns and excellent finishes.



Available in different sizes, our tablecloths are made to fit all needs. Round, rectangular or square tablecloths, we are able to provide you with quality table linens in the shape and proportions you desire. 


Before ordering, be sure to add a few extra centimeters to the size you choose to create the proper drop of the fabric. On average, 20 cm on each side is enough to create an elegant table setting, but there is nothing to stop you from determining the dimensions you prefer for your table.


You can't find your size on the site? You need a size that is not standard? We have a tailor-made service that allows us to respond favorably to all requests. Do not hesitate to transmit your needs to our teams.



At Alexandre Turpault, we work to design exceptional table linens that celebrate the marriage of true textile know-how and natural fibers. Elegant and durable, our tablecloths made of natural materials are the promise of a refined setting that will sublimate your receptions, family lunches and friendly picnics. 


Among all the materials most commonly available on the linen market, our preference is without a doubt linen. Sustainable and local, this fiber requires little water and no pesticides. A culture that makes it a virtuous raw material and ideal for high-end table linen. 

For our linen tablecloths, we only use long fibers that give the fabric all its strength and flexibility. Made in France - even certified Origine France Garantie for some models - our tablecloths testify to the high standards of our brand in terms of manufacture and quality. 

Unique creations or a range of plain Florence tablecloths, our linen table linens benefit from the best know-how, right down to the finishing touches. The embroideries that enhance our products are made in the Hauts-de-France region.



Made of quality natural materials, and in the pure French tradition, our refined linens are designed to last. An exceptional resistance... provided that tablecloths and towels are carefully maintained. 


Our table linen is easy to clean. Nevertheless, you will have to adopt good daily practices to ensure its longevity. For example, choose detergents without optical brighteners which, in addition to being irritating and polluting, have never proven their washing power. 


For the washing, note that it is necessary to clean all the pieces of your set at the same time. You will avoid color shifts between your tablecloth and your napkins, for example. As for temperature, make sure never to exceed 40°C for your linen table linen. Same thing for the spinning and drying: prefer moderation! Better yet, we recommend that you air dry your products. Hang up your tablecloths, napkins and table runners and then iron them while they are still wet for a better result. 


The last precaution to respect concerns the embroidery of our models. For the ironing, think of acting on the reverse side and under pattemouille. You will avoid disappointments. 



In addition, our linens have been treated to simplify cleaning. Thus, our linen tablecloths benefit from a Teflon Stain release treatment, which favors the elimination of stains, while preserving the qualities of the touch. 

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