Zoom on Nouvelle Vague, our timeless linen bedding

An iconic model in our linen bedding line, Nouvelle Vague is that timeless, ever-trendy bedding ideal for the bedroom. Elegant and relaxed, soft and thermoregulating, these sheets are the harbingers of beautiful and restful nights.

Fresh and light for summer, linen bedding is perfect for warmer weather. The perfect opportunity to bring our New Wave - and its wide color palette - to the forefront. 

Linen bed linen set Nouvelle Vague Sienna YellowLinen bed linen set Nouvelle Vague Sienna Yellow


Mainly produced in France, linen is a local fiber known for its ecological cultivation using no fertilizers or pesticides and requiring little water. 

Fully associated with our region of Hauts-de-France, linen naturally dresses several of our models and testifies to our attachment to French heritage. Not only grown in our regions, our linen is also woven in the Vosges, dyed in the North before being used for manufacturing in our workshop near Lille. The promise of a French linen - now certified Origine France Garantie! - from an inimitable industrial know-how.


In addition to its virtuous production, linen stands out for its undoubted qualities. Available in comforter covers, pillowcases and other flat sheets, the fiber is soft and light. The material invites itself into the bedroom to provide maximum comfort. Because it is also very breathable, linen plays a thermoregulatory role in the bed. Thus, during winter, you fall asleep in a comforting envelope, while in summer, you doze in the freshness of your sheets. 

Last but not least? Its look. Delicately wrinkled, linen bedding has that casual look that adds a modern touch to the bedroom. A natural look that's easy to replicate, since you don't need to iron your sheets. Just remember to stretch the linen tightly when drying to keep the casual look without unsightly creases. 


Since our creation, we have been working towards an ever more virtuous and environmentally friendly production. We are constantly questioning our manufacturing methods, our packaging, etc. 

This season marks a new turning point for Nouvelle Vague. Until now, the fabric was rinsed with clear water, but now it undergoes a new action without using water. This step consists in placing the fabric in a drum machine to soften it by beating it against steel walls. The fabric is then called "tumbled". 

Bathing in clear water or tumbling, these two methods have the same goal: to make the linen soft. With an immediately pleasant touch, our sheets deliver the best of linen, without ever being rough. 

Linen bed linen set Nouvelle Vague Cascade BlueLinen bed linen set Nouvelle Vague Cascade Blue
Linen bed linen set Nouvelle Vague GreyLinen bed linen set Nouvelle Vague Grey


At Alexandre Turpault, we are committed to high standards and authenticity. Our work consists of designing and manufacturing beautiful linen with exceptional finishes. With linen, first of all, we rely on a material that is self-sufficient. No need for chemicals or fabric softeners - which prematurely damage the fibers of the fabric - to make a product with a wonderful texture.

Soft without being worn, casual without being too crumpled, our sheets are the best in terms of high-end bed linen. For this reason, pillowcases and flat sheets are adorned with a geometric guipure in the spirit of art deco. This simple finish is the chic touch that enhances the ensemble. A bedding set available in a pretty palette of trendy colors. 


In addition, in keeping with our ecological commitments, we also have reusable/recyclable packaging for our sheets. Small pouches and delicate ribbons replace plastic packaging which is too polluting and numerous in our sector. 

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