Linen sheets, to be warm all winter long

We are now in the heart of the coldest seasons, seeking warmth and comfort in our homes. And if for some the solution is to take refuge under the sheets, it is still necessary to opt for the bed linen most adapted to the situation. In addition to cotton sateen whose warm properties are no longer in question, another material tends to stand out: linen.

Lightweight, it is the ecological fiber often associated with summer nights. However, the material is also thermoregulating and insulating, ideal for spending warm nights. So why not try sleeping in linen household this winter?

Gaia, linen bed linen setGaia, linen bed linen set


In addition to its softness and aesthetics, linen is a material that stands out for its ability to regulate the temperature of sheets. This means that a linen bedding is able to absorb body heat and store it, then release it into the bed. Conversely, as soon as the temperature rises, the breathability of linen sheets allows to offer more freshness.

Ultimately, choosing linen bedding to cradle your nights means choosing a material that is pleasant in all seasons and that will provide the most beautiful sleep experiences, summer and winter alike. Moreover, linen is very light and vaporous and therefore does not weigh down your legs. You are free to move without fear of drafts.


Our brand has always shown expertise and know-how in the manufacture of linen bedding. This work has earned us a real reputation in the field, giving us the means to go even further in the transformation and embellishment of this soft material.


For our linen bedding, we focus on the durability of the fabric used but also on the beautiful finishes that dress our sheets. Venice Days, woven ribbons and small guipures complete the composition of our pillowcases and comforter covers, designed as timeless. An execution all in refinement which integrates luxury and elegance to the room.



Local, linen is a plant mainly cultivated in the North of France, the starting point of our own history. This affinity aside, we have worked to manufacture a 100% French bed linen, thus promoting not only the products of the region but also its know-how.

Our linen sheets are made from blue white and red linen and are also certified "Origine France Garantie". A certification that guarantees the expertise of our bed linen.

Nouvelle Vague Boisé, linen beddingNouvelle Vague Boisé, linen bedding
Linen bedding made in FranceLinen bedding made in France


Pleasant in all seasons and produced in France, our linen range may have already convinced you. Also, add to the multiple qualities of the material its ecological character. A choice that is all the more justified if you wish to engage in a more reasoned consumption.

Because its cultivation requires little water and no fertilizers or pesticides, linen is a clean and healthy fiber for the earth. A virtuous production method that spreads its benefits to the sheets that preserve your health and your skin.

In addition, in the continuity of this approach, we use natural treatments that respect the fabric while offering a true authenticity. Our sheets are resistant and will accompany your nights for years. Their comfort does not diminish, on the contrary. The softness of linen is revealed through use and washing, proving that some things do improve with time.


Warm when you need it the most, linen is not to be put in the closet as soon as the cooler days arrive. On the contrary, it is a must-have that will delight the nights of the most chilly. Moreover, our range includes several models with classic or trendy looks that will easily find a place in your home.

Available in neutral and natural tones, our Cythère, Bastide and Régence models highlight the purity of the material. More traditional in their composition, these bed linen sets are nevertheless endowed with perfect, sober and elegant finishes. Models that can easily be enhanced by the use of accessories such as cushions or a plaid.

But linen can also be more modern and trendy. The proof is in Nouvelle Vague, our collection of linen sheets washed in clear water. Available in several subtle shades, the linen is enhanced by a casual look, symbolized by a slightly crinkled appearance. A unique product that is easy to care for and easy to invite home.

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