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At Alexandre Turpault, we cultivate a taste for beautiful tables and convivial meals. Sensitive to these moments of sharing, we like to think that our high-end table linens contribute to the success of a dinner party.

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In this sense, we are working on the development of tablecloths, napkins and table runners that are practical and practical, but above all chic. Of great elegance, the Turpault table is adorned with the most beautiful materials. Our favorite fiber ? Linen, which is both local and durable, perfectly matches our idea of linens cut for all adventures.


Since 1847, Alexandre Turpault has been designing, producing and distributing beautiful household linen in the purest French tradition. As specialists in this art of living, we work to manufacture elegant products that are as practical as they are resistant. Tablecloths, cloth napkins, table runners: our table linen is the touch of conviviality that all your meals need!


Our exceptional finishes are the height of refinement and reflect our love of France and its textile know-how. Many of our designs are made in France and feature the most delicate embroidery. Details to which we take great care and which show the importance of preserving this sector of activity.


Finally, our high-end table linens would not be what they are without beautiful raw materials. Quality being at the center of our concerns, we select only the best linen or cotton fibers in order to guarantee the durability of our products.


In order to best meet everyone's needs, we have developed a wide range of products for the table. Models with various inspirations that you can combine or contrast to give more character to your dressing.


Round, square or rectangular tablecloths: whatever the shape of your table, we are sure that you will find something to dress it up elegantly. In case of doubt, we also have a custom-made service that allows us to satisfy you in any circumstances.


What would a table decoration be without delicate cloth napkins? Made of linen, our models are as aesthetic as they are resistant. Products with a soft touch that will bring a lot of comfort to your guests when they wipe their lips.


A touch of extra refinement, the table runners and other placemats have been designed to complete your ensembles. Made of noble materials - or recycled paper for some placemats! -These references are available in various colors or in many inspirations. Products to be combined with the rest of the linen or to be used as a mismatched element of the most beautiful effect!


A local and sustainable fiber, linen is undoubtedly the material of choice for table linens. Available in tablecloths or napkins, it is recognizable by its softness and its authentic look. Always trendy, linen has the advantage of being very resistant. No matter how many times it is used or washed, it never loses its beauty. These assets make it the best ally for elegant tables.


Moreover, its composition makes linen an easy to clean material. Washable at low temperature, it does not require a complex maintenance. This is especially true since we have added an anti-stain treatment to our models. This makes it easier to remove stains without altering the soft feel of our products.


When it comes to table settings, there are no real rules. You are free to let your creativity express itself. As far as colors are concerned, for example, nothing prevents you from going for a total look, perfectly white or gray for example.

If you prefer characterful, wow-factor decorations, then rely on a few colorful elements or hues that are in complete contrast to the rest of the ambiance. Add small decorative pieces or fold your napkins in an elegant way and watch your guests' reaction!

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