Warm up with our dry flaxseed hot water bottles

Practical, aesthetic and eco-responsible, the dry hot water bottle is a nomadic accessory that is easy to carry and use. In these rather cool periods, it is especially an ally of choice to fight against the cold.

Having your comfort at heart, we are constantly looking for new trendy and useful products that will contribute to your well-being. Also, we have recently developed a range of dry hot water bottles made of flax seeds, manufactured in France. The opportunity for us to create a line of upcycled products 100% linen which should easily find its place at home.

Graines de linGraines de lin



An alternative solution to traditional hot water bottles filled with hot water, dry hot water bottles are a small revolution in the world of accessories. Less heavy, they are easier to handle on a daily basis. A reason which explains, without any doubt, their ever increasing presence on the market... and in our homes.

You will certainly have understood it, the dry hot water bottles do not require water. They are actually pre-filled with vegetable seeds (spelt, flax, cherry pits...) which store heat and then deliver it to your skin for about thirty minutes. A composition that allows not only to use these accessories hot, as we are used to, but also cold.

Malleable, the dry hot water bottles perfectly fit the different shapes of your body. Neck, knee, shoulder: the well-being they provide is immediate and very pleasant.



Made of fabric and natural seeds, the dry hot water bottles are exclusively made from authentic raw materials and without plastic. A more responsible production method that allows these nomadic accessories to reduce water waste.

Good to know, if used with care, these hot water bottles can be used and reused a good number of times.


In its most common use, the dry hot water bottle is used hot, to warm the body or to relax an aching area. A very practical function when it comes to relieving muscle cramps, neck pain or painful periods. Bringing a welcome warmth, the accessory can also be slipped into the bed to soften the atmosphere and help to fall asleep.

As we mentioned earlier, dry hot water bottles can also be used as cold compresses. They have the power to soothe, in an almost instantaneous way, the pains related to a hematoma, a migraine, a toothache or a tendinitis.



Unlike traditional hot water bottles, which require the heating of large quantities of water, dry hot water bottles can be heated in only a few seconds in the microwave. However, this technique can be replaced by heating in the oven (a few minutes at 80-100°C) or simply on a radiator.

Note however that the use of a dry hot water bottle is never without risk. Also, you will have to be extra careful during the heating process. In the microwave, 30 seconds are enough to obtain a good temperature. Overheating would have no additional effect on the comfort of the hot water bottle but could, on the other hand, damage the fabric.

Capable of storing heat, the seeds contained in dry hot water bottles are also very effective when placed in the refrigerator or freezer. They act like cold compresses to refresh the skin or "freeze" a pain. Count on a minimum of 2 hours of waiting for an optimal result. But of course, nothing prevents you from always having a hot water bottle in the fridge.

Bouillotte sècheBouillotte sèche


Composed of a heating pad and a cover, the dry hot water bottle must be maintained with care to avoid premature aging of the fabric.

Removable, the cover is easy to clean, either by hand or in the machine. But whatever option you choose, prefer to wash it cold or at 30°C maximum. This will protect the fibers of the fabric as well as the general aspect of the cover.

On the other hand, the envelope containing the seeds cannot be machine washed. A quick wipe with a damp sponge can be used to remove light stains. Just be sure to dry the product well before further use.

Bouillottes aux graines de linBouillottes aux graines de lin


At Alexandre Turpault, we like the idea that our products play a role in your daily well-being. So, in addition to our linens, we have developed a range of small dry hot water bottles made of 100% French flax seeds, entirely manufactured in France.

These upcycling accessories were produced from the fabric scraps of our Nouvelle Vague linen bedding. A composition that fits perfectly with our desire to go further in the manufacture of green linen.

Proposed in several colors, our models are presented to you in a small unique format, of 10x20 cm. A perfect size to slip your hot water bottle in a suitcase before a vacation or in a bag before a long day of work.

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