Green and floral bedding: bring spring into your bedroom!

A perfect ambassador for natural and plant life, the color green invites calm. But thanks to its wide range of shades, the color can also reveal very energizing notes. Beneficial in any case, green is a wise choice to decorate the bedroom.

In this month of March, and now that spring is back, how about putting some greenery in your home? Candide, our bright floral model, is the perfect answer to this trend.

Interior decoration and greenInterior decoration and green


Rare and expensive, the green pigment has only belatedly found its place in the art world. Used abundantly by the impressionists and with tact by our modern artists, green has nevertheless always carried this symbolism of naturalness and calm. Synonymous with safety, purity and luck, this color translates abundance and freshness depending on the tone it is given.

Sometimes soothing, sometimes fortifying, green is now part of this plant and flower trend. A color that enters all our interiors to bring well-being and elegance. Be careful, however, to use it wisely and with the right dosage. If in doubt, integrate it only in touches, with some decorations and a beautiful bed linen.


From almond green to fir green to minty notes, green offers a wide range of shades. A wide range of possibilities to create chic or more exotic atmospheres. And you, what type of decoration are you most sensitive to?

- The classic and bright, made of pale and pastel shades like celadon green, more and more in the air of time.

- The stimulating and energetic, consisting of acidic greens such as apple green or aniseed green. A color that is good for morale, but we prefer to use it sparingly.

- The exotic, highlighted by bright and refreshing shades like emerald green or mint green.

- The elegant, which rests on bottle green or fir green notes, darker and more sober.

Easy to combine with other colors, green is never as comfortable as with natural notes. So pair it with brown, ochre, beige, taupe or even white to best reveal its refined allure.

Green decorationGreen decoration
Candide, cotton percale bed setCandide, cotton percale bed set


March is the month of spring and renewal, so nothing could be more appropriate than a bright floral bedding set. That's why we chose the Candide model, a cotton percale bedding with a classic look, enhanced by an inspired, colorful floral pattern.

Color, inspiration, material: Candide has been designed as a bright bedding set bringing novelty and sparkle to the room. Fresh, this model offers a lot of relief and movement, ideal to give character to the room.


Adorned in a light blue, the sheets are enhanced by a modernized green design. Here, colorful flowers cross paths with soothing branches in powerful green. Already present in the patterns, green is also found in the braided cotton piping. In a matte khaki, this finish breaks the classicism of the set and gives it that trendy je-ne-sais-quoi.

Spring-like in its appearance, Candide also offers unparalleled lightness at bedtime. Thanks to the cotton percale, the set promises great softness and real breathability. Nothing like it to appreciate the return of beautiful temperate days.



Inspired by Voltaire's philosophical tale, our Candide is also an ode to 18th century Persia. A bouquet of cultural references that enriches this model full of finesse and encourages us to enjoy the well-being provided by a quality bedding, as comfortable as resistant.

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