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In order to ensure a quality sleep, night after night, nothing is more precious than the comfort of your bedding and your bed linen

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At Alexandre Turpault, we select the best materials in order to present you with top-of-the-range comforter covers of great resistance. Organic cotton sateen, linen or cotton jacquard, our sheets are the assurance of beautiful nights.

A bed linen to complete our pillowcases, flat sheets and other fitted sheets in order to compose an elegant decoration for the bedroom, sublimated by an incomparable comfort.



On the market, there are many sizes for a comforter cover. From 140x200 cm to 260x240 cm, our comforter covers are perfectly suitable for double beds. But how to choose your comforter cover? Just refer to the size of your comforter to select your cover without mistake.


Your comforter is not a standard size? We offer a custom-made service. Contact us to define your needs with precision, we will offer you an answer as soon as possible. 


In addition, all our comforter covers have a bottle finish flap, a very practical feature that prevents the cover from slipping off during the night. A linen to complete our pillowcases, fitted sheets and flat sheets for a complete and elegant set.



With our experience in the textile industry, we work with know-how to produce your bed linen. In our French workshops, our seamstresses work to embellish your sheets. Made of the best materials, our comforter covers are also sublimated by beautiful and luxurious finishes (Jour Venise, Jour échelle, guipures, delicate embroideries...).


Moreover, we work in favor of French manufacturing. Some of our models are entirely produced in France and are even certified "Origine France Garantie". This is a way for us to preserve many jobs in the sector but also to promote a more ethical and virtuous linen.



When choosing a bedding set, it's important to select a pattern or color that you love, and that will fit in perfectly with your home. But that's not all. In order to ensure your comfort at night, you need to consider the material of your comforter cover. 


At Alexandre Turpault, we develop product lines made exclusively from natural materials. Linen comforter covers, organic cotton sateen (GOTS certified) or even half-breed, all the options offered are the guarantee of healthy, comfortable and breathable linen. 


Moreover, for all our models, we select the longest and most resistant fibers. Our bedding promises a good night's sleep, but above all, it is extremely durable.



When choosing a material, you should consider the comfort you are looking for. Do you like cozy nights under your comforter cover? Or do you prefer the coolness of light touch sheets? Your sleeping habits will tell you which material to choose. 


Linen and cotton percale meet the needs of those who are warm at night. Breathable and airy, these materials limit perspiration and are very soft. Cotton sateen, on the other hand, is like a warm envelope that will please the most chilly. Finally, with the metis, you will benefit from the combined properties of linen and cotton. A perfect combination for those who are hot in summer and cold in winter.


If each of these materials gives different sensations, nothing prevents you from alternating them throughout the seasons. Linen in the summer and cotton sateen in the cold season: just adapt your bedding to your needs, your desires and the calendar!



Whether it is linen, linen blend or cotton, we guarantee an easy care of our products. Washable at 40°C (60°C in case of important stains) and perfectly supporting the drying in the tumble dryer (at moderate temperature), our easy-care sheets simplify your daily life. 


Even better, some materials like linen do not require ironing. Delicately crumpled, linen looks its best in its natural version. 

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