Tapestry cushion cover 40x60 cm (16x24"), Bel Oiseau

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- Tapestry printed cushion cover made of 65% cotton 31% viscore 4% polyester and back 100% piece-dyed plain linen
- Large forest foliage patterns and bird named "the crane taking flight"
- Zipper closure


Alexandre Turpault
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In detail

The Bel Oiseau cushion cover features large forest foliage and a bird motif called "the crane taking flight". Inspired by Japanese screens, this large bird with graceful beauty (Tancho cranes from Japan, Siberia and Manchuria), with white plumage contrasted with black and a red dot at the top of the head, symbolizes longevity, fortune and by extension fidelity and eternal love. The common cranes of Europe do not have such a loaded symbolism, but nothing stops us from protecting them! The result of disappearing artisanal know-how, the Bel oiseau tapestry cushion is woven on the last “upholsterer” looms in the Lille metropolis. Weaving is very technical due to the complexity of the mixtures of thread colors and the incredible diversity of the combined weave effects. Formerly reserved for monumental pieces of castles and royal palaces, industrial tapestry invaded bourgeois interiors in the 19th century, before making a comeback in the middle of the 20th century, reinvented by modernist artists such as the ceramic painter Jean Lurçat who gave it back its letters of nobility. The choice of an old technique promoting French know-how obviously aligns with the values of the Alexandre Turpault brand.

Against a background of brown foliage an elegant common crane flies away, a beautiful bird familiar to our territories and migratory with the seasons. The hand-drawn pattern uses the solid color technique of lacquered screens. The darker background allows the lighter patterns to stand out and gives density to the whole. The addition of relief is further reinforced by the very textured material of the tapestry. The back is in Maine linen in “spelt” color: a warm neutral that takes up one of the shades of the main design. The raw linen piping brings a neat finish to this rare and precious product, which your interior will definitely adopt.

The dimensions indicated always correspond to the dimensions of the product before machine washing. Wash before first use. Machine wash at 40°C maximum. Tumble dry on moderate heat or air dry.
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