We does not enter Alexandre Turpault's home by chance. We are invited, guided by a desire for elegance and softness. 

Since 1847, Alexandre Turpault has perpetuated a unique know-how in the world of decoration and well-being. Precious materials, subtle colors and a very fine workmanship make each of his collections a new emotion, an invitation to dream and to the sweetness of life. 


"The French art of living results of this aspiration to inscribe the Beautiful in our daily life".

Beautiful bed linenBeautiful bed linen


Founded in 1847, Alexandre Turpault designs, produces and distributes since then beautiful household linen, manufactured in the purest French tradition. The quality of the materials (pure linen, fine cottons...), the fineness of the decorative details (embroideries, Jours échelle, Jours Venise...) or the unsurpassable quality of its white have established the reputation of excellence of the brand.  This craft, preserved and enriched over time, contributes to the French art of living.


After having founded his wool spinning company in the Pays de la Loire region, Alexandre Turpault joined forces in 1849 with Charles Libaud, owner of a cold dyeing plant specializing in the dyeing of indigo cotton. In 1851, the two partners rented a house on rue du Sentier, in Paris, to be used as a store. An investment as the first stone of an edifice that was to experience an exponential evolution. 

As early as 1862, Alexandre Turpault participated in the growth of modern distribution and the development of department stores. He was the main supplier of white goods to Le Bon Marché, a Parisian department store whose founder, Aristode Boucicaut, was a friend of his. Both shared the humanist values of commitment and social responsibility towards their employees. Together, they created the first major linen promotion, the "Mois du Blanc", which is still relevant today, more than 150 years later.

Alexandre Turpault, linen manufacturerAlexandre Turpault, linen manufacturer

For years, Alexandre Turpault was one of the major players in the luxury market. He received awards in 1878 and 1889 at the World's Fairs in Paris, and received gold and silver medals for the quality of his paintings as well as for his militant commitment against imported fabrics. 

These distinctions reward a lifetime's work in the service of a company, a collective activity that brings together the women and men who make up the company around the common values defined by its founder. Several decades later, they are still very much alive. 

In the early 1930's, Alexandre Turpault decorated the tables of the liner "Normandie" with magnificent damask tablecloths. Strengthened by his know-how and success, Alexandre Turpault diversified its activity, making the brand one of the references in high-end household linen in France and abroad.

Unique, authentic textile expertiseUnique, authentic textile expertise


At Alexandre Turpault, we put the human being at the center of our work and give a more precise and detailed meaning to know-how. These technical expertises, developed over time, are of great richness and offer us the means to manufacture top-of-the-range linen of a real finesse. 

It is in our workshop in Hauts-de-France, one of the last in the region, that we put these multiple skills at your service every day. In this way, we are committed to offering products with lasting comfort and elegant aesthetics.


As a creator of refined linens for the home, Alexandre Turpault is proud to be the heir of a French heritage of over 170 years which is perpetuated in our workshops in Nieppe, in the North of France. A history that pushes us, every day, to continue our development in the respect of precious and immutable values.


Linen, cotton, cotton blend, we take care to offer only the best quality of materials for our household linen. Our linen, for example, is carefully selected. Only the long fibers remain, which give the sheets a very high resistance over time. Similarly, our cotton has been chosen for its superior quality. It counts 120 threads/cm² for the plain and printed ones and up to 200 threads/cm² for the jacquards.


When it comes to eco-responsibility, there are no small gestures. Thus, our linen - an ecological, natural and entirely recyclable fiber - is cultivated in a sustainable way. Our plain sponges and some of our cotton sateen sets are made from organically grown cotton that complies with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

 In addition, we are working on the development of green packaging, putting an end to plastic packaging that is far too polluting.

Virtuous household linenVirtuous household linen


The notion of service accompanies us throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. From tailoring to customer service, we are here to meet your needs and assist you in your purchases. 

"Beauty is judged at first glance, but quality is revealed through use."

Linen with timeless eleganceLinen with timeless elegance


The intensity of the colors, the comfort of the materials and the refinement of the details make the strength of our collections. 

Alexandre Turpault's creations are in keeping with a very French style, a timeless chic reinforced by striking cultural and historical references. Simple and sophisticated at the same time, our linen is urban and authentic, harmoniously juggling feminine and masculine. In short, linens with a naturally luxurious look that we can't get enough of. 

What is the strength of our brand? Our materials. We are committed to offering a variety of natural, noble, beautiful, durable and comfortable materials. The quality of each one (linen, cotton, wool...) is analyzed and tested before being put on the market in order to guarantee its comfort.

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