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Pleasant, durable and virtuous, our top-of-the-line bed linens meet your comfort needs but also your style desires. Sometimes bold, sometimes classic, our comforter covers and pillowcases share the same taste for refinement. 

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  1. Satin de coton biologique

    As low as €329.00
  2. Satin de coton biologique

    As low as €329.00
  3. Satin de coton biologique

    As low as €349.00
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    €399.00 30% off As low as €279.30
  4. Satin de coton biologique

    As low as €329.00
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    Cotton percale

    €219.00 30% off As low as €153.30
  5. Half-linen

    As low as €229.00
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    Satin de coton biologique

    €329.00 30% off As low as €230.30
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    Cotton percale

    €229.00 30% off As low as €160.30
  6. Satin de coton biologique

    As low as €329.00
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 Aesthetically pleasing sheets that are perfect for unleashing your creativity. Have fun with materials, colors and prints to express your personality. Bed linen, organic cotton sateen, or even mixed-weave, Alexandre Turpault works only with the best materials to ensure your happiness every night. 



The most complex step in the purchase of bed linen is generally the choice of sizes. How do you know if your comforter cover is not too big? Your fitted sheet too small? To help you in your research, we put at your disposal our complete size guide. 


Rectangular or square pillowcases, comforter covers with a small or large drop, single or double beds: we have thought of everything and everyone. Our models are designed to meet your needs in terms of size and shape. A specific need? We have a custom-made service. Contact us to evaluate the potential of your request!



For us, your well-being in bed can only be the result of the right balance between style and comfort. For this last point, we make sure to select only the best materials. Natural - or nothing! – our top-of-the-line bed linen are the guarantee of a night of well-being in sheets with a unique sensoriality. Cotton sateen, linen, mixed cotton and linen: the chosen materials are the result of precision work. 


With linen, we prioritize local and ecological cultures that are good for our planet. For our cotton sateen, we have turned to organic, a first step towards a more virtuous consumption. In both cases, our desire is to build more sensitive collections, as good for your skin as for the environment.



Alexandre Turpault's collections are inspired by our heritage, our culture and our history. Fond of art and travel, we integrate these elements in more or less imposing touches in order to create unique models, but always of great elegance. So, discover with pleasure our patterned bed linen and let yourself be carried away by our universe.


Each season, new colors are added to our historical range of plains. This way, we intend to follow the trends and answer your desires of decorations always more modern.



Give your bedding more depth with practical and elegant pieces. From flat sheets to fitted sheets to pillowcases, we have worked to create a complete line. Designed to match our collection, these references are mostly designed in neutral tones in order to adapt to all needs, to all rooms.


Protective of the bedding, these pieces are certainly the most resistant and will accompany many of your nights. In addition, and to preserve their hygienic aspect, we have made sure that these products simplify your daily life. Durable, they are very easy to maintain and can be changed as regularly as possible. 



Since 1847, Alexandre Turpault has been promoting French know-how through its quality bed linen. If the majority of our products are made in Europe with trusted craftsmen, we work in favor of an ever more local production. A composition honored by an Origine France Garantie certification which attests to a clearer traceability for the customer.


Embroidery, Jours Venise, Jours échelle, delicate ribbons: in addition to our work of confection, we put a point of honor to propose you beautiful bed linen, until the least details. Our products are made in our own workshop, one of the last in the Hauts-de-France region.

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