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If you're still looking for the perfect gift, you've come to the right place. Explore our carefully curated selections, such as engaged, personalised, shareable, fancy, traditional and cosy gifts. Each offers a range of bed linen, bath linen, table linen and textile decorations to suit every profile.

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A gift for everyone

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is a delicate art, a subtle expression of the love and care we show to those around us. For the festive season, we've put together several selections of linen (table, bath, bed...), offering a varied choice and the possibility of pleasing as many people as possible. 

Elegant plain linen or boldly patterned sheets, comforting products to enjoy winter or light pieces to prepare for summer, lovers of fine dining or fervent supporters of traditional craftsmanship: everyone will find ideas that will touch their loved ones to the heart.

Household linen: a meaningful gift

The gift of top-of-the-range household linen is much more than a simple present. It's a declaration of affection, a promise of comforting nights, enveloping baths and a beautiful interior. An original idea for taking care of those you love, with a practical, attractive and lasting gift.

By choosing an Alexandre Turpault product, you're also helping to raise the profile of a French brand renowned for the finesse and excellence of its linen. Made from noble, resistant materials, our models offer a unique sensory experience and bear witness to a strong commitment, with products labelled Origine France Garantie or Global Organic Textile Standard.

How do I choose the right linen for Christmas?

To make the surprise complete, make sure you know the dimensions of the linen you're giving. Whether it's a duvet cover, a tablecloth or a bathrobe, ask your friends and family for precise information. However, if there is a problem, rest assured that we are ready to consider a replacement, with the exception of custom-embroidered products and models that have already been washed. 

As far as the choice of products is concerned, neutral colours are preferable wherever possible, as they are easier to integrate into an interior, whatever the decor. However, if your loved ones have expressed a preference for a particular design or colour, there's no reason to hesitate.


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