At Alexandre Turpault, we are in search of absolute comfort. The one that transports you, soothes you and offers you an incomparable well-being. Over the years and through our collections, we have developed an elegant palette of noble natural materials that enhance our linens and allow us to achieve the luxurious well-being that is the hallmark of our brand.

Linen bed linen setLinen bed linen set


Since 1847, Alexandre Turpault has made linen its specialty and its core business. The brand develops linen collections for the home, both to meet an ecological concern (linen requires no fertilizer or watering and the transformation of the plant into yarn is done by natural and non-chemical processes: retting and scutching) but also to maintain French know-how.

Flax is the only plant fiber that is 100% cultivated on the European continent, on a wide coastal strip that stretches from the south of Normandy to the Netherlands (passing through the north of France and Belgium). Its cultivation is the result of a naturally humid oceanic climate, generous soils and the know-how of its growers.

Linen household linen has great qualities: linen is ecological, it is thermoregulatory (it keeps the heat in winter but gives you a feeling of freshness in summer), it is very resistant (it does not lint, it does not deform and will soften more and more with each wash) and very absorbent. All the assets, therefore, to become the new companion of your daily life.

Organic cotton bath linenOrganic cotton bath linen


Alexandre Turpault works with cotton, an age-old fiber known for its comfort, softness and absorbent properties, in his bath linen collections.

The range of plain towels is 100% organically grown cotton for a sustainable and more responsible consumption. Its fiber is fine and combed, in order to bring to the towels more flexibility and resistance. Soft, they are also naturally comfortable, soft and resistant. Moreover, their weight has been chosen to provide an ideal balance between softness and absorption: 650 gr/m² for towels and bath sheets, 1200 gr/m² for soft and comfortable bath mats, and 400 gr/m² for light, soft and fluffy bathrobes.

Cotton satin bed linenCotton satin bed linen


Since 2004, Alexandre Turpault has been moving towards new horizons by developing more products in cotton sateen. Already known for its softness and lightness, the fiber is now adorned with a silky aspect and a soft touch, while being solid and resistant. A beautiful material that we have subsequently developed to offer organic cotton sateen bedding, a virtuous fiber that is as good for you as it is for the planet. 

Alexandre Turpault's 120 thread count combed cotton sateen is a 100% Egyptian cotton, renowned worldwide for the quality and length of its fibers. Its weaving gives the fabric that luxurious look that is always welcome to bring elegance to interiors.

Metis bed linenMetis bed linen


Subtle mixtures sometimes give birth to beautiful materials, this is particularly the case with the métis. Composed of 48% pure long fiber linen, woven and ennobled in France, and 52% cotton, the material combines the qualities of both fibers. Pleasant to the touch, easy to care for, unexpectedly supple: bed linen made of métis seduces with its refinement. The fabric is also enhanced by "Jour échelle" or "Jour Venise" finishes.


Our cotton percale is made with the longest fibers of Egyptian cotton. For an incomparable softness and hold, the fiber is woven very tightly (80 threads/cm²), which gives it a beautiful durability over time. A high quality material that ensures a long life of the linen.

In terms of style and feel, cotton percale has a smooth, fresh feel and a delicately matte look. A very soft composition that is perfect for enhancing your sheets.

Cotton percale bed linenCotton percale bed linen


We succumbed to the mohair to dress some of our accessories. Why? Because Mohair wool, made from the fleece of the Angora goat of Asia Minor, is a soft, silky and very resistant material. All the advantages, therefore, to create beautiful and comforting pieces. In addition, the material has the characteristic of combining its thermal insulating power - from the cold as well as the heat - with a very high lightness.

Mohair throwMohair throw


Since 2008, for a soft winter, Alexandre Turpault has chosen to complete his collection of accessories with new baby alpaca plaids.

This unique 100% natural fiber comes from a camelid (close to the llama), native to the Peruvian Andes. It lives at high altitudes with extreme temperatures. 

Over the centuries, alpaca has become an exceptional fiber, fine, light and soft. It also contains microscopic air pockets that give the material all its insulating qualities. During the shearing of the alpaca, the fibers are sorted manually according to their quality: the baby alpaca whose fineness of the fiber does not exceed 22 microns, is particularly recognized for its smoothness.

Baby alpaca blanketBaby alpaca blanket
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