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Traditions and know-how in the spotlight

As the Grand Mother days approach, we are rethinking our traditions and know-how that make up the DNA of our brand..


Timeless Collections

It is a moving moment to read the initials of our grandparents on a napkin or an old sheet, one can imagine the care taken in its manufacture And its maintenance, but also and especially at the moments that brought us together, like a family celebration around a large table set a linen tablecloth encrypted with monograms and decorated with days of Venice.

Alexandre Turpault and the invention of white

This is still the case today. These timeless pieces in linen or in mixed, are available in white or in the natural bise color of flax fiber. Although nowadays colors and prints are dominant in our interiors, white remains the queen color of household linen.

White synonymous of household linen

In 1847, perfect white linen was rare because it was difficult to produce, therefore very expensive and therefore reserved for the wealthy elite. A real luxury! Chlorine bleaching processes did not exist until the 1870s, so bleaching clothes was a long and risky operation. After a long series of washing in the river, the clothes were spread out in the meadows, exposed for several months to the light of the sun and the moon, whose whitening effect was well known.

The quality of the water in Cholet combined with the exceptional sunshine of the region and the know-how of the launderers have contributed to making Cholet the French capital of "BLANC" and ALEXANDRE TURPAULT a renowned brand for the white sound quality.

Alexandre Turpault and the "Jours de Venise"

The quality of the linen and its fine fabrics of a beautiful white, is revealed only with use , over the washings and ironing which help to soften the linen and to give it a unique patina. The reputation of the brand is also due to the quality of the decorative details, particularly the embroidery and the openings that adorned these fine fabrics, giving them a unique personality and great value.

A particular technique, that of the up-to-date embroidery of Venice, "Venice", continues to be as popular as ever today. Perhaps because the geometry of its alignments gives it a unique allure, a timeless elegance. Without doubt this is the right design!

The "venice" technique

This so-called “A jours” embroidery is one of the very old techniques. It is all the more fascinating because it gives the product a strong added value while removing a large part of its substance.

Originally from Italy, "A jours" embroidery was a specialty of Venetian embroiderers from the 15th century, a luxury product imported into France, then quickly manufactured on site from the 17th Century. This involves removing the weft and / or warp threads on fine linen canvases, in order to create voids or "openings", the edges of which are then embroidered in a very tight stitch. The patterns thus created are geometric. We can say that this "A jours" embroidery called "Reticella" was the ancestor of lace. The most popular version of Jour de Venise is a "Barette" embroidery which serves to highlight the facings of the pillowcases and sheets, while creating an effect of transparency. The days of Venice are always best sellers and have been offered in collection at Alexandre Turpault for over 173 years.

Nouvelle vague


KEOPS in plain white linen with "Venice" day finish

The Keops
bed set consisting of a bed sheet, pillowcases and a bolster cover, is a great classic of the Alexandre Turpault collection. This collection of linen bed linen, woven in France, has a chic and timeless "Venice Day" finish, which we like to keep and which crosses the years with happiness. .

REGENCE in plain linen, crossed "Venice" day finish

The REGENCE bed set is a timeless item in the Alexandre Turpault collections: in plain white linen, its crossed Venice Jour finish distinguishes it from traditional Venice Days. The pillowcases have a 6cm face with open corners, the flat sheet has a 10cm upturned face and the duvet cover has a 30cm face. Graceful and elegant, this bed set will accompany you for many years

Nouvelle vague

PARIS in plain white linen with "Venice" day finish

The PARIS bed set is a timeless piece of Alexandre Turpault bed linen: two-tone white and natural, its fabric is a mixed 48% linen / 52% cotton which thus combines the properties of the two fibers. Its finish in Venice day continues the tradition of elegant finishes, offered in the Alexandre Turpault collections since 1847.

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