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Le MagazineNouvelle vague,
French washed linen

Linen lover since 1847, Alexandre Turpault offers his version of washed linen in accordance with the values ​​of his DNA.
A truly washed linen, just in clean water without chemicals and certified French Origin Guaranteed .

« Tomorrow is less about discovery than it is about invention»
Gaston Berger

Nouvelle Vague it's...

A critical (personal) perspective, that of a flax specialist - Alexandre Turpault, whose expertise has been passed down from generation to generation since 1847. It was born from a desire to communicate on our differences in the face of the tide of `` washed '' linen at all costs, uncertain qualities, undefined origins, ambiguous names, shapeless information which leads to confusion the consumers and professionals.

New Wave, It's a real Evolution, rather than a revolution.

It is this great wave that brings water from the depths to the shore. At Alexandre Turpault we campaign for our values, our work ethic, that of authenticity, sincerity, the requirement down to detail, our loyalty to Beauty, to Good, to Nature.



Our linen, A real linen of durable quality, embellished and improved over the washings, like good French wine. Flexibility and softness are optimized to last over the years and to be passed on to new generations in a cycle of reasoned and responsible consumption

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Inspiration printanière

« Beauty is judged at first glance, but quality is revealed in use»

Nouvelle vague
Taie d'oreiller Nouvelle Vague

Duvet cover Nouvelle Vague

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Taie d'oreiller Nouvelle Vague



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with clean water

NOUVELLE VAGUE is a bed linen in 100% linen cultivated, scanned, combed, woven and dyed in France. Our linen, a very long and beautiful fiber, goes through a bath of pure water, a real machine wash without any chemical product, the time to purify it of its production dust, to let the fibers take their place and soften, the fabric to let go without too much flippancy.

After a blow of iron for even more flexibility, ensuring a clean and fresh aspect of a linen just returned from an afternoon in the sun, NOUVELLE VAGUE is ready to envelop you in well-being. From this natural process is born a wonderful texture: soft without being worn, casual without being too wrinkled and naturally soft. .

Recognized certification

Our linen in pre-washed plain linen NOUVELLE VAGUE is made in France and benefits from the Origine France Garantie label.
Thanks to the Origine France Garantie label on Nouvelle Vague linen, we are aligning our production methods and communication to the general public.
This certification guarantees the consumer the traceability of a product by giving a clear and objective indication of origin.
A guarantee allowed thanks to our clothing workshop in the North of France.

Nouvelle vague

An activist product

We define our linen as pure thanks to the majority of the operations which are carried out in France. Our impact on the territory is so direct that we want it to be beneficial and fair.
We consider flax as one of the most legitimate and ecological fibers. It operates in a virtuous circle. Climatic and hypoallergenic , linen linen contributes to your well-being, as the flax plant contributes to enriching the soils that welcome it, it does not require watering, fertilizer or pesticides. Its by-products are a concentrate of nature: all the elements from flax are used. From seed to straw, there is no residue

Its production is local over most of its chain, which further limits its carbon footprint and consequently increases its sustainable value and its social and economic contribution in our territory, France.
The linen is then woven in the Vosges, dyed in the north and made by us. All these steps guarantee a low carbon footprint and real care of the material by our services.

We are citizens and consumers , our consumption choices are our real weapons to take care of Tomorrow.

ALEXANDRE TURPAULT is taking care of you, so take care of Tomorrow.


Cradle to cradle packaging

We take care to give a second life to our packaging. The cotton laces are made in Cholet. They serve as a link and will be able, thanks to you, to be born a second time on your shoes. The paper is recycled and printed with vegetable inks. The photograph of the linen field *, in black and white, can be framed and embellish your interior decoration.
* The field of flax in full bloom was planted on the occasion of the 170 years of the brand

Nouvelle vague

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